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Our Mission

Splendid High Adventure Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading trekking companies in Nepal. We give you descriptive information about our staff. They all are sincere dedicated and dutiful to their responsibilities and duties. Splendid high adventure has been known as one of the existing leading companies is to serve the various types of interested tourists visiting Nepal. We address the travel curiosity of any tourist may be it a group or individual catering their personal interest. Our services have been broadly appreciated by the guests due to the our most care with the personnel interest taken by our colleagues and field staff Our dealing main domains are Trekking ,Rafting ,Jungle Safari, rock-climbing expedition , wildlife excursion and Hiking in Nepal. It also provides same service besides jungle safari rafting, Rock-climbing, wild life excursion in autonomous regions of Tibet. In the time of the conducting treks and Tours in different places, we never forget to involve ourselves in some welfare works in every hilly, mountain and Terai ,village as part of unit social responsibility which ever keeps ourselves in mind touching with the villagers as a social partners

 We are highly committed to Eco-tourism concept by involving ourselves in preserving and conserving ancient culture, custom, tradition and rare flora and fauna. We are very sincere to the vanishing culture due to the modern lifestyle.

Our mission is providing good services make satisfaction to our customer. And support to the nation by not destroying the local culture, custom and traditional.